Leonard Seabrooke is Professor in International Political Economy and Economic Sociology in the Department of Organization at the Copenhagen Business School. Len's research primarily concerns the role of professionals and experts in treating long-term social and economic problems, the politics of access to credit, tax, and property, as well as how policy scripts are created in international organizations and NGOs. He has also worked on how states generate international financial capacity, 'everyday politics' in the world economy, and the connection between welfare systems, housing, fertility, and international finance. Seabrooke has published articles in prominent journals, including the American Sociological Review, International Studies Quarterly, Journal of European Public Policy, Organization, Review of International Political Economy and others.

Recent other publications include:

Seabrooke, L. and E. Tsingou. 2020. ‘Revolving Doors in International Financial Governance', Global Networks, forthcoming: https://doi.org/10.1111/glob.12286 

Harrington, B. and L. Seabrooke. 2020. 'Transnational Professionals', Annual Review of Sociology, forthcoming.

Seabrooke, L. and O.J. Sending. 2020. ‘Contracting Development: Managerialism and Consultants in Intergovernmental Organizations’, Review of International Political Economy, 27(4): 802-827.

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Contact Len Seabrooke at lse.ioa[at]cbs.dk