Lasse Folke Henriksen is Associate Professor in the Sociology of Networks in the Department of Organization, Copenhagen Business School where he teaches economic sociology, international political economy and new fancy research methods. He works mainly on the role of experts and professions in new and hybrid forms of transnational economic and environmental governance but he is also more broadly interested in how the global economy is governed. In his research he frequently deploys social network analytic tools which he finds produces not only pretty pictures but also deep insights about how social structure works. Lasse has published in prominent journals such as Environmental Politics, International Political Sociology, Organization, and Regulation & Governance. He is also co-author of a new textbook on the art of social network analysis.

Recent other publications include:

Ellersgaard, C.H., J.A. Lunding, L.F. Henriksen, and A.G. Larsen. 2019. 'Pathways to the power elite: The organizational landscape of elite careers', The Sociological Review: forthcoming.

Buch-Hansen, H. and L.F. Henriksen. 2019. 'Toxic ties: corporate networks of market control in the European chemical industry, 1960–2000'. Social Networks 58: 24-36.

Heemskerk, E., K. Young, F.W. Takes, B. Cronin, J. Garcia-Bernando, L.F. Henriksen, W.K. Winecoff, V. Popov and A. Laurin-Lamothe. 2018. 'The promise and perils of using big data in the study of corporate networks: problems, diagnostics and fixes', Global Networks 18 (1); 3-32

Henriksen, L.F. and S. Ponte. 2018. ‘Public Orchestration, Social Networks and Transnational Environmental Governance: Lessons from the Aviation Industry,’ Regulation & Governance, 12(1): 23-45.

Henriksen, L.F. and L. Seabrooke. 2016. 'Transnational Organizing: Issue Professionals in Environmental Sustainability Networks', Organization 23(5): 722-741.

Henriksen, L.F. 2015. ‘The Global Network of Biofuels Sustainability Standard-Setters,’ Environmental Politics 25(1): 115-137.

Henriksen, L.F. and R.M. Stahl. 2014. ‘Indlejret visdom. En netværksanalyse af de økonomiske vismænd,’ Politik 17(2): 68-78.

Henriksen, L.F. 2013. ‘Economic Models as Devices of Policy Change: Policy Paradigms, Paradigm Shift, and Performativity,’ Regulation & Governance 7(4): 481-495.

Henriksen, L.F. 2013. ‘Performativity and the Politics of Equipping for Calculation: Constructing a Global Market for Microfinance', International Political Sociology 7(4): 406-425.

Contact Lasse Henriksen at lfh.ioa[at]

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